Blink — Albania’s premier gaming franchise — emerged through an ambition to provide our community with the greatest possible gaming experience. The mission of our franchise is not only to provide gamers with the best equipment and facilities, but also to nurture the growth of a community bound by a passion for eSports and a thirst for  xcellence. Having already achieved remarkable success, we are looking to expand our franchise throughout the country and beyond into the greater Balkan region.

Our continually expanding franchise is currently comprised of four centers in the capital city of Tirana. Blink Prime, our premier facility, is attached to the stadium that hosts the national football team of Albania. Blink Terminal, is the newest center, providing a very warm ambient with a Train Station theme. These centers embodies our belief that our community deserves the finest gaming environment and equipment. As with all of our centers, they have a modern design that promotes a community atmosphere in which players can build relationships with one another and compete to continually develop their gaming. Prime exemplifies our reputation for gauranting that players have access to the highest quality of equipment that marks our brand as not only the most prestigious in Albania, but among the best in the Balkans.

Essential to our brand is a belief that we are not merely serving customers, but fostering a community of gamers. Although Blink is distinguished by our exquisite facilities and unrivaled equipment, what raises our raport even further above competitors is our conviction that any gaming experience is elevated by playing alongside others in an environment that empowers gamers to work together and achieve a level of excellence matching that of the centers themselves. To encourage a sense of belonging in the Blink community, our facilities feature comfortable spaces for socializing and a variety of events that motivate players to invest themselves in hopes of cooperating with others to compete with the best gamers in the region. Considering themselves a member of the Blink community, the dedication of players to our brand is met by a promise that we will continue to grow together.
At the core of our brand is a commitment to providing our community with the highest caliber of equipment. Our reputation is founded on an assurance that gamers will have access to the best available technology that will help them to achieve their greatest potential as players. Our centers feature only the best quality equipment:
  • Nvidia RTX 2080 and RTX 2070;
  • Intel i7 9700K, i5 9600k;
  • HyperX 16 GB DDR4;
  • Samsung 500GB SSD;
  • Secret Lab gaming chairs of the Omega & Titan Series;
  • HyperX Cloud II and Cloud Alpha gaming headsets;
  • HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Cherry Red & Corsair K70 Rapidfire gaming keyboards.
Competition is a crucial aspect of what fuels our community. Our centers host weekly local tournaments that inspire our customers to improve their gaming and prove their skill to others on the highest standard of equipment. Such events promote a sense of belonging in the Blink community, a feeling we have sought to expand by hosting two international events for Dota 2 and PUBG with prize pools of 1000 EUR and 2000 EUR respectivly. These tournaments attracted a variety of players from other Balkan countries, and were streamed live on Twitch for an international audience. These events further motivate the players in our community to invest in the Blink community, while also promoting our brand abroad.
eSports Teams:
Just as our illustrious events motivate our community to invest in Blink while promoting our brand abroad, our professional eSports teams also serve to inspire local players and attract international attention. Gathering the greatest Albanian gamers to found Dota 2 and CS:GO teams, our players have already exhibited potential to be contenders on a world stage and will soon higheten the reputation of Blink as an organization committed to excellence in every facet of our enterprise. With presence in international leagues and tournaments, our players also promote our brand by regularly streaming to an international audience on Twitch. Such exposure both strengthens the resolve of our community and promises to increase our prominence in the region and throughout the world.